Event and website sponsorships are available throughout the state of Florida. If you would like to speak with someone directly please email Sponsorships@HCConnect.com.


Healthcare Connect Sponsors benefit from promotions through our Pre-Event Marketing, Event Promotion, and Follow-Up Marketing.

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Pre-Event Marketing

Each sponsor is featured on the Healthcare Connect website dedicated to their specific city. The sponsor's logo is displayed on several pages throughout the city website. Most notably, the sponsor's information can be found on the city's Homepage and Sponsors Page featuring each sponsor's profile and a direct link to the sponsor's company website.

Additional pre-event marketing includes the company logo prominently placed on the email invitation reaching a growing database of healthcare professionals. The sponsor's logo is displayed on the Healthcare Industry Night Event custom invitations.

For each event, Healthcare Connect prints and distributes 5,000 custom invitations promoting the next Healthcare Industry Night weeks before the event date. These custom invitations are distributed among the sponsors to invite their colleagues, business associates and referral sources. Healthcare Connect also provides each sponsor with an emailable version of the invitation.

The events are also promoted heavily on multiple social media mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Event Promotion

Each sponsor is provided exhibition space with a table to promote their products and services during the event. The sponsor's logo is positioned on the Healthcare Connect photo wall as well as displayed on television screens throughout the venue.

Follow-Up Marketing

The day after each Healthcare Industry Night, Healthcare Connect employs a direct "Thank You For Attending" email campaign and uses social media to contact attendees and those who follow us through social media. Everyone is directed to the Healthcare Connect Photos Page as well as our Facebook page featuring the event's sponsors and attendees. When an attendee clicks on the sponsor logo, they are directed to the sponsor's company profile located on the Healthcare Connect Sponsors Page.



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